The Definitive Answer On Joint Tenants Selling Their Interest

We love answering your questions, and there is one that Matthew seems to get quite frequently lately as a result of the classes he’s been teaching, The Truth Behind The Title, so we decided to answer it here in an effort to reach more people. Question: Does a joint tenant have to give notice to […]

Why Choosing Local Is Best

When it comes to choosing a title company for your real estate transaction, you may think that cost is the most important factor. And arguable, it certainly is something to consider. But have you thought about the fact that your title company in Maine for the property you are buying in Maine, may not actually […]

Adulting Is Hard – We’re Here To Help

As we get older, we arrive at many “rights of passage” and milestone moments in our lives. Three of the biggest ones are arguably: getting married, having a baby, and buying a house.  Although we can’t help too much with the first two, we can put you on the right path when it comes to […]

How We’re Keeping You Safer

Fraud in general is on the rise, but fraud in the banking industry is particularly frightening these days. Thieves have gotten much bolder and technologically savvy, forcing business owners – and consumers – to be even more careful with their private and sensitive information. As a matter of fact, fraud directly relating to checks and […]

The Importance Of Information Gathering

When a title company is contacted to facilitate the closing for a property transaction, there is a great deal of information that they must gather in order to accurately allocate all monies, and that the documents reflect the most current, up to date and accurate information. One of the first things we do here at […]

Why You Need A New Lender’s Title Insurance Policy Every Time You Refinance

When you first purchase a home, you are faced with many fees and costs associated not only with the home itself, but also with the loan. One such fee is title insurance. As you know from our countless other blog posts, there is Lender’s title insurance as well as Owner’s title insurance. Your lender will […]

Prevent These Nightmares With Title Insurance

Congratulations, you’ve found your dream home! The seller accepted your offer, you’ve officially closed on the house, and you’ve got the keys and are moving in. But just as you begin to settle in, there’s a knock at the door and you get notice that a pre-existing lien had been placed against the property for […]

Your Clients Are Only as Knowledgable As You Are

Sharing our personal knowledge may sometimes seem like a burden, however, it is actually a reflection of teamwork and leadership. When we are advising our clients on decisions they need to make, it is our responsibility to give them all of the information they will need to make these decisions with the best, most up […]