What Is a “Closing Protection Letter” (CPL) and How Does It Benefit You?

A closing protection letter is a contract between a title insurance underwriter and a lender. In this agreement, the underwriter agrees to indemnify the lender for actual losses caused by certain kinds of misconduct by the closing agent. Basically, the insurance company is agreeing to hold the ultimate risk and stand behind the policy. If […]

6 Questions to Ask About Title Insurance

Buying or refinancing a home can mean you’ve got a lot on your plate. I bet title insurance isn’t one of them. The home buyer – or home re-financer – generally leaves it up to their lender to take care of all the details, and title insurance is actually a pretty big detail. For instance, […]

Why Choosing the Right Title Company Matters

If you’re buying a house, you’re going to need a title company to do some of the “heavy lifting”, so to speak, to get you through the closing process. Many times the title company isn’t given the attention it deserves as part of the transaction. It should. You’ve already invested a great deal of time and […]

How Hackers are Affecting the Real Estate Industry

Because real estate transactions are considered higher value transactions conducted by either an individual or a business, it’s no surprise that they have become prime targets for hackers. Typically, a hacker will gain access to the email account of one of the parties involved in the transaction (buyer, seller, lender, real estate agent, title company, […]

Divorce and Your Home: A Title Company Perspective

Love is fleeting and sometimes ends. But the love of your home goes on and on as long as you have a mortgage. In my short time practicing divorce law there is much to consider, most notably would be the effect on any children from the marriage.  And every step should be taken to minimize any […]

Seller’s Fee – Why Do You Have To Pay This?

By now if you’ve been reading our blog posts, you know that there are fees in a real estate transaction that apply to both the buyer and the seller. Some people are confused by what costs the seller is responsible for, and what exactly they’re getting for services to justify that fee. Cumberland Title charges $125 to […]

What’s In a Wire?

The Ins & Outs of Wiring Money Funding – aka “the money” – is a very important part of the closing process when it comes to buying/selling a house. The buyer needs to have it, and the seller wants it. There are a couple of different ways that this can happen, either by check or […]

Breaking Up With Your Mortgage

Breaking Up With your Home: Handling Homeownership During A Divorce  Sometimes love is fleeting and marriages end, but that mortgage you agreed to pay together back when you were still in love is still your responsibility…until you find a way to divorce that, too. Usually, the mortgage is the biggest liability a divorcing couple has […]