Is Title Insurance Necessary On New Construction?

As you’re well aware by now, when buying a new home you need to purchase title insurance, as this protects you in case the seller does not have a free and clear title to the home they’re selling. But what about new construction, surely the same rules don’t apply, right? Wrong. When you buy a […]

Pop Quiz!

  We’ve tried to share a large amount of info on a lot of topics surrounding title insurance. Let’s see how well you remember that info with a little pop quiz.   Who does the attorney at the title company represent?  The title company represents the lender.   If a transaction is $242,400, what is the […]

Making Your Personal Workstations Secure

We’ve written in the past about the precautions and procedures that Cumberland Title uses to keep your information safe while it’s in our hands. But there are also some pretty simple but important steps that everyone can take to keep their personal workstations safe and secure from fraud. These days, simply locking your office door […]

Handling Checks at Closing

For those of us who have been in a real estate closing – regardless of what side you’re on – you can appreciate that there are a LOT of checks and balances happening during that transaction, let alone an enormous amount of paperwork. Aside from procuring the necessary documents, ordering payoffs, checking taxes and titles, […]

Employee Spotlight: Melissa Donahue

Cumberland Title is proud to employ some of the best and hardest working talent in the title insurance business. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of the Cumberland Title Team!   Name: Melissa M. Donahue Title: Title Attorney   How long have you worked at Cumberland Title, and […]