Buying A Home Near A Cemetery- Is It A Grave Mistake?

The age old question: “Would you buy a house next to a cemetery?” We decided to dig up (groan) some data on this very scenario, and I think you’d be surprised at the results. It appears that a home near a graveyard could actually be a good investment, as they seem to sell for about […]

What Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Know About Title Insurance

  Because the process of buying a home can be detailed and complicated, the real estate agent is there to help navigate their client through the process, all while helping them get the best deal possible. Title insurance is one of those line item charges that few homebuyers really understand. And as their realtor, it is your […]

Simple Ways To Protect Your Future

  Regardless of your age, there’s no better time to think about estate planning than during the “big moments” in life – marriage, buying a home, starting a family – these are all things that change your status and give you things in life worth protecting. It doesn’t have to be fancy or too detailed […]

What’s The Difference? Standard vs Enhanced Title Insurance

So you’ve (wisely) decided to purchase title insurance. Now you’re faced with the decision of purchasing the “standard” policy, or the slightly meatier “enhanced” policy. Of course, some coverage is always better than no coverage, that’s a no-brainer. But for a few bucks more, the headaches you’ll potentially avoid are worth their weight in gold. […]

Short Sales: Truth or Dare?

Not everyone is familiar with the term “short sale” when it comes to real estate. I’ll tell you what it’s not, it’s not an endearing term given to a real estate transaction that gets wrapped up quick and easy. No way, Jose. The actual definition of a short sale is the sale of real estate where […]

“Property Lien”: Two Words You Never Want To Hear

A lien is basically a notice that gets attached to your property, telling all the world that a creditor claims that you owe them  money. This lien is typically a public record and filed with a county records office (for real property, this would be the Registry of Deeds). Liens on real estate are a common way for creditors to […]