Your Clients Are Only as Knowledgable As You Are

Sharing our personal knowledge may sometimes seem like a burden, however, it is actually a reflection of teamwork and leadership.

When we are advising our clients on decisions they need to make, it is our responsibility to give them all of the information they will need to make these decisions with the best, most up to date and accurate information possible.

In doing our part to complete this circle, Cumberland Title’s owner/attorney Matthew J. McDonald has been teaching a class for real estate agents called “The Truth Behind The Title”, designed to educate and inform agents on all aspects of title insurance. This class is free and is worth 3 continuing education credits, so there is no excuse not to take it!

The feedback for the class has been outstanding, with attendees going as far as to say it is the best class they’ve ever taken. What could potentially be a dry and boring subject, Matthew has infused with humor and real life examples to make even the “math portion” of the program easily understandable.

As a real estate agent, it is your fiduciary responsibility to relay the correct and full information on title insurance to your buyers, and this class will assist you with that.

In this class you will be able to tell the difference between lender’s and owner’s title insurance, what types of title defects title insurance protects homeowners from, how to pro-rate taxes between the buyer and the seller prior to closing, how title insurance costs are calculated, as well as hear true stories of actual situations that have occurred involving title insurance claims and how they were handled, and so much more.

Matthew will also tell you about the ONE document you can use as a real estate agent to keep YOU out of trouble  when it comes to title defects!

Classes fill up fast, so make sure to sign up quick! Classes are forming now for both January and February, so stay tuned for more information to come on those dates and locations.

We hope to see you at one of these classes soon!